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Advantages of Vacuum Cooler

Advantages of Vacuum Cooling to Different Sectors of the Food Processing Industry

Applications Advantages
Fruit and vegetables Increased shelf lifeRapid cooling times resulting in quicker distribution
Mushrooms Increased shelf life by up to 24 hUniform cooling within a stackNo mechanical damage due to cooling
Meat products Increased hygiene and product safetyReduced microbial countsVery rapid cooling resulting in significant financial savings and compliance with current guidelines governing cooling of cooked meatsCooling units are compact and require little maintenance
Sauces and soups Allowing development of closed system where sauces are both cooked and cooled in the same vesselWeight losses due to cooling more readily controlled than in other vacuum cooling systemsEfficient cooling system for products such as food slurries which are difficult to cool
Bakery products Very rapid cooling of delicate confectionery itemsSmaller weight losses than in other vacuum cooled productIncreased shelf life of many products due to absence of moulds during coolingIncreased productivity due to shorter cooling times
Ready meals Suitable for wide spread integration with many ready meal cooking operationsGood for cooling heat sensitive foods such as cream based products
Source: Vacuum cooling technology for the food processing industry, Journal of Food Engineering (2000).