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Vacuum Cooling > Advantages

Advantages of Focusun™ Vacuum Cooling System

Focusun Refrigeration Corporation is the expert in refrigeration technologies and specialized in a variety of cooling and ice making solutions. We provide Vacuum Cooling Systems, Cold Room Systems, Industrial Ice Making Machines and other Refrigeration Solutions. Excellent technology, outstanding quality and premium service are the competences that help us gain the leading position of the industry.

Why implement a Vacuum Cooling System? In the following list we show you the advantages of a Focusun Vacuum Cooler over alternative cooling methods.

Features and Benefits of Vacuum Cooling

  • Focusun Vacuum Coolers save time for processing and cooling.Rapid Cooling: typically 20 – 30 minutes to reach the required refrigeration temperature.
  • Uniform Cooling: compared to traditional cooling methods, which cool products from their outer surface to the center, vacuum coolers achieve a uniform cooling effect from the inside of products to the outside. The packaging does not form an obstacle to the cooling process.
  • Clean and Sanitary: in the vacuum environment, products are sterilized effectively, as micro-organisms are prevented from spreading. Thus there is no cross-contamination, especially by water borne micro-organisms.
  • Thin-Layer Drying Effect: unique effect to cure slight damages on the product surface and restrain the spreading on other fresh products.

  • Focusun Products are of premium quality and are subject to stringent quality checks.Improvement of Product Quality and Safety: original texture, color and sensory properties are maintained and therefore Vacuum Cooling increases the storage and shelf life.
  • High Accuracy: imported temperature and humidity controllers with digital display accurately control vacuum and humidity level to ensure excellent performance and operation of our Vacuum Coolers.
  • Easy to Operate: PLC screen control automatically stops the cooling process when pressure and temperature reach a predetermined level.

All the above advantages of our Vacuum Coolers lead to a more efficient processing time and better product quality. Your benefits of these improvements are not far to seek: you will have a higher output quantity with the same amount of labor due to shorter processing time on one hand and you can achieve higher prices for a quality product on the other hand. With increases in profitability the investment in a Focusun Vacuum Cooler will pay off quickly (economical analysis).