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Increase Your Profitability with Focusun Vacuum Coolers

How can Focusun Vacuum Coolers help you to become more profitable?

Basically there are two ways in economics to increase profit.

You can either increase your revenue or lower your cost.

Revenue increases if your quantity increases or if price increases.

Costs consist of

  • Time: if you save time, you can handle higher quantities with the same resources and/or you can handle the same amount of produce with lower resources, save wages for workers, time is money.
  • Energy cost: if you save energy by operating more efficiently, you save the planet and money.
  • Produce losses: due to spoilage of products, the amount harvested is not the amount that is marketable.

Increasing produce quality serves two purposes: it increases the price achievable at markets and decreases spoilage losses. So, how can you increase product quality and reduce quality losses?

  • Minimize time to market: reduce your processing time by using a time efficient cooling solution: Vacuum Cooler. The faster your products are sold, the less risk and cost you have.
  • Minimize metabolic activity (respiration rate): temperature management is the key. With Vacuum Cooling, products reach their optimal storage temperature faster which reduces the respiration rate and increases produce quality.
  • Minimize physiological activities: vacuum cooling and subsequent controlled cold room storage are an effective temperature and humidity management system to keep your produce at its best quality for the longest time. Achieving a higher price on the market.

All above advantages will be possible for you, if you invest in a Vacuum Cooler. Our international Sales department is happy to hear from you and will help you out with further information.

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