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  • Vacuum cooling technology :...

    Apr 30 2015 by Focusun

    The feasibility and advantages of vacuum cooling technology Vacuum cooling is a rapid evaporative cooling technique, which can be applied to specific foods and particular vegetables. Increased competitiveness together with greater concerns about product safety and quality has encouraged some food manufacturers to use vacuum cooling technology. The advantages of vacuum cooling include shorter processing times, consequent energy savings, longer product shelf […]

  • How to preserve the posthar...

    Feb 12 2015 by Focusun

    The main problem exists in Preservation Industry of fruits 1. Improper field operations, bad habits of production poses a potential threat for storage Field management is the prerequisite for fruits of production, quality and storability. Due to the level of productivity and other limits, the degree of standardization of China’s fruit production is still low, production operations are not standardized. Driven by the interests, some farmers even use excessi […]

  • Focusun Slurry Ice Machine ...

    Jan 22 2015 by Focusun

    Focusun is dedicated in improving technology in refrigeration industry. For better serving all the clients and meeting their requirements, we here officially announce that slurry ice machine is among our products’ catalog. Characteristics of Slurry ice – Millons of Tiny Ice Crystals Slurry ice is “liquid” and provides rapid and efficient cooling by having full contact with seafood, meat and poultry products. Focusun Slurry Ice Machine maker slush, sm […]

  • Vacuum cooling machine for ...

    Jul 31 2014 by Focusun

    Rapid cooling equipment (vacuum cooling machine, vacuum cooler) manufactured by Focusun refrigeration corporation has equipped with the main components of the finest imported European compressors and refrigeration units. The prudent and strict chose and test of components ensure the high efficiency with the reasonable price. The vacuum cooling machine is equipped with international advanced control module. The temperature inside can reach 0℃ to 40℃ (adjust […]

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