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Vacuum Cooler for Flowers

Vacuum Cooling > Vacuum Cooler for Flowers

Focusun™ Vacuum Cooler for Flowers:

Once flowers are cut, they should be pre-cooled immediately to reduce physiological activities and ethylene release. Focusun Vacuum Coolers for Flowers control the vacuum level during the pre-cooling process to control temperature and humidity in the vacuum chamber. Moreover, the vacuum level is related to physiological characteristics, sensitivity, humidity and also the capacity of the vacuum cooler. The average moisture loss is 1% for each 5.6°C (10°F) drop in temperature.

Vacuum cooling flowers is more efficient, saves energy and time.For those flowers which need to be cooled to ultra-low temperatures, we provide our Hydro Vacuum Cooler to avoid excessive moisture loss and to keep the freshness of the flowers. Designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements, our Hydro Vacuum Cooler cools the products to an ultra-low temperature and prevents an excessive loss of moisture with an additional water circuit and control element.

No matter which Vacuum Cooling product you choose, you can be sure to have the advantages of a shorter processing time, extended post-harvest product life, improved product quality and safety.

Application: all kinds of flowers, especially those with high respiration, such as roses and carnations.

1 FVC-01S Single Bin Model 150 kg 300 kg
2 FVC-01P Single Pallet Model 450 kg 900 kg
3 FVC-02P Two Pallet Model 900 kg 1800 kg
4 FVC-04P 4 Pallet Model 1800 kg 3600 kg
5 FVC-06P 6 Pallet Model 2700 kg 5400 kg
6 FVC-08P 8 Pallet Model 3600 kg 7200 kg
7 FVC-10P 10 Pallet Model 4500 kg 9000 kg
8 FVC-12P 12 Pallet Model 5400 kg 10800 kg

We focus on you, our customer. Therefore we do not offer standardized products, but let you customize your Focusun Vacuum Cooler according to your actual requirements. No need to make a compromise.

※ Our professional Focusun R&D team will design the best vacuum cooler for your specific requirements.

1 Door Standard swing door Horizontal sliding door
2 Condensing type Air cooling condenser Water cooling condenser Evaporative cooling condenser
3 Refrigeration system R404a system Ammonia system
4 Chamber material Painted mild steel Stainless steel
5 Additional options available Hydro cooling system Pulley loading system

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