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We are Focusun.

Focusun Refrigeration Corporation is the expert in refrigeration technologies and specialized in a variety of cooling and ice making solutions. We provide Vacuum Cooling Systems, Industrial Ice Making Machines, Cold Room Systems as well as Solutions for Mine Cooling and Concrete Cooling. Excellent technology, fabulous quality and premium service are the competences help us to gain the leading position of the industry.
Having our origin 1929 in Germany and now being based in Shanghai, we are proud to serve customers worldwide in more than 70 countries.

Group picture of Focusun employees.

We work hard.

we work hardSuperior quality products, strong technical support and outstanding service make Focusun the most reliable supplier in the refrigeration industry. We encourage our employees to pursue the need to use innovation in technology to make positive life-changing impact on our clients, partners and the environment as a whole. Our continuing pursuit for innovation in cooling technologies is to adapt and meet the growing demand for qualified, efficient, energy-saving equipment; that is why we keep improving to retain the lead in the cooling industry.

Focusun is famous for their high quality ice machines.We also pride ourselves on quality, service and pricing, and believe that all three areas are equally important to ensure the long-term success of our global customer program. Our long relationships with customers serve as testimonial for our high quality products. The fusion of superior quality and reasonable prices makes us your number one supplier of innovative cooling solutions worldwide.


We care about our customers.

care about customerWe want to offer the best customer service and help you when you encounter any difficulties. During the years we have established many relationships and solved all kinds of issues our customers had. We have a qualified international customer department which works closely together with our engineers and technical staff to make your experience with Focusun enjoyable and carefree.