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At Focusun, we try our best to give you as much information as possible so you can make well-founded decisions. Here at the Research and Information section, we provide you with general knowledge, advanced scientific testing results and all that is important to know about vacuum cooling, the cooling process and additional methods. You can conveniently find compiled information and save the time searching in different places.

General Advantages of Vacuum Cooling

Learn about the different advantages that vacuum cooling can bring for various foods commodities…

Accepted Cooling Methods for Fruits and Vegetables

A short overview about the different kinds of vegetables and fruits and the methods to cool them…

Optimal Handling Conditions for Fruits and Vegetables

A table compiled of researchers’ and governments’ information that tells you about recommended storage temperature, highest freezing temperature, relative humidity, expectable shelf life and accepted cooling methods for most sorts of fruits and vegetables…

Accepted Cooling Methods for Flowers

A quick overview of accepted cooling methods for flowers and potted plants…

Optimal handling Conditions for Flowers

Detailed information about optimal storage temperatures, highest freezing points, which storage life to expect and accepted cooling methods of the most common flowers…

Comparison of Typical Product Effects and Cost for Common Cooling Methods

With this table you can get the fastest overview and compare important characteristics like cooling time, cost or energy efficiency between vacuum cooling, hydro cooling, forced-air cooling, ice cooling and room cooling…

Increase Your Profitability with Focusun Vacuum Coolers

Think economically! We translated the advantages of vacuum cooling into your advantages and help you discover all of the beneficial effects of vacuum cooling. Operate your business more profitable now…

Research Articles Related to Vacuum Cooling

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Handling of Cut Flowers for Export
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