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Accepted Cooling Methods for Fruits and Vegetables

Accepted Cooling Methods for Fruits and Vegetables

Cooling methods:

HVC: Hydro Vacuum Cooling FA-EC: Forced-air Evaporative Cooling
VC: Vacuum Cooling PI: Package-icing
HC: Hydro Cooling R: Room Cooling
FA: Forced-air Cooling
Commodity Size of operation Remarks
Large Small*
Tree fruits
Stone fruits (peaches, nectarines) FA, HC FA
Pome fruits (apples, pears) FA, R, HC R
Tropical FA, R FA
Berries (VC), FA FA Strawberries can be VC
Grapes FA FA Require rapid cooling adaptable to SO2 fumigation
Leafy vegetables
Cabbage VC, FA FA
Iceberg lettuce VC FA
Kale, collards VC, HVC, R FA
Leaf lettuces, spinach, Chinese cabbage VC, HVC, FA, HC FA
Root vegetables
With tops (VC), HC, PI, FA HC, FA Carrots can be VC
Topped HC, PI HC, PI, FA
Sweet potatoes HC R
Stem and flower vegetables
Broccoli VC, HC, FA, PI FA, PI
Cauliflower VC, FA FA
Green onions, leeks HVC, PI, HC PI
Pod vegetables
Beans HC, FA FA
Peas VC, FA, PI FA, PI
Bulb vegetables
Dry onions R R, FA Should be adapted to curing
Fruit-type vegetables
Cucumber, eggplant HVC, VC, R, FA, FA-EC FA, FA-EC Fruit-type vegetables are chill-sensitive at varying temperatures
Commodity Size of operation Remarks
Large Small
Cantaloupes HC, FA, PI FA, FA-EC
Honeydew FA, R FA, FA-EC
watermelons FA, HC FA, R
Peppers VC, R, FA, FA-EC FA, FA-EC
Summer squashes, okra R, FA, FA-EC FA, FA-EC
Sweet corn VC, HC, PI HC, FA, PI
Tomatoes R, FA, FA-EC
Winter squashes R R
*small scale operation refers to coolers handling up to 1,000 lb/hr.
Source: Compilation of Focusun. Research done by the university of Georgia, Agricultural & Environmental Sciences.


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